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The most recent edition of the University of Malaga’s TRANS journal (http://www.trans.uma.es) explores the current state of play of interpreting in legal settings in Europe.

Despite recent legislation at EU level on interpretation in legal proceedings, “at the dawn of the third millennium we are still grappling with the lack of stringent regulations obliging national authorities to guarantee the provision of qualified interpreters for all parties and stages in a judicial proceeding. Consequently, there are still too many instances of miscarriage of justice associated to poor or totally absent interpreting services.”

This special issue of the journal provides “an overview of the legal, professional and interactional dimensions of interpreting in legal settings both at European and at national levels with cases from various countries including Italy and Spain. It should be seen as a compilation of various pieces of research which echo voices from different backgrounds that combine the expertise of being practitioners and researchers”. Some papers are in English, the rest in Spanish.

Through various case studies and presentations a strong argument is made that “interpreting in legal settings can be of good quality only if per­formed by qualified interpreters fully aware of their roles and limits, supported by a regulatory framework that duly safeguards and certifies professionalism”.

Source: http://www.trans.uma.es/trans_19.1.html

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