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10th Conference “Hellenic Language and Terminology” (12-14 November 2015)

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The 10th Conference “Hellenic Language and Terminology” will be held from 12 to 14 November 2015. One of the main themes at this year’s conference is Terminology and Law. Read on for more information about the conference.

The Hellenic Society for Terminology (ELETO) in cooperation with the University of Athens (UOA), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the University of Cyprus, the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), the Hellenic Organization for Terminology (ELOT), the Organization for the Promotion of the Hellenic Language and other organizations, which will be announced on the relevant web page, are organizing the 10th Conference “Hellenic Language and Terminology”.

The conference will be held in Athens, Greece, on 12–14 November 2015.

The aim of the Conference is to present the current situation of the Greek language from a terminological point of view, as well as methods, practices and tools of Terminology science, and their application in the Greek language environment – monolingual and/or interlingual –, with a view to promoting terminological research and contributing to the present-day terminological enrichment of the Greek language.

Themes of the Conference:

1 Linguistic–ontological principles of terminology
2 Didactics and terminology
3 Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies
4 Terminological resources
5 Standardization of terminology
6 Terminology and translation
7 Terminology and law
8 Dissemination and use of terms – Terminology policies and regulation
9 Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

Official languages of the Conference will be Greek and English.

Critical dates:
Submission of abstracts by 30 March 2015
Approval of abstracts by 30 April 2015
Submission of full papers by 30 June 2015

Abstracts and papers:
Participants wishing to present a paper at the Conference are invited to submit anabstract in two electronic copies, as .doc files compatible with MS Office 2000.The abstract should be written in one of the official languages of the Conference and should neither be less than 200 words nor exceed 300 words.

Conference Secretariat: tel. +30 210 9323243, +30 6977529164, e-mail:pinelpap@otenet.gr
Organizing Committee: tel. +30 6974321009, e-mail: valeonti@otenet.gr
Website: http://www.eleto.gr/en/Conference10.html



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