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The Crépeau Centre, in collaboration with the Network of Jurilinguistics Centres, has just announced the programme for the 12th Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics to be held at McGill University’s Faculty of Law on  15 June 2018.

summer institute of jurilinguistics

The theme of this year’s Institute is “Coding/Decoding: Linguistics & Legal Concepts.” This Summer Institute will focus on the significant role that the different aspects of linguistics play in our understanding and use of legal concepts, particularly the capacity of linguistics to respond to the need for access to justice.

The ever-evolving nature of concepts, especially in the context of linguistic and legal pluralism, adds a particular dimension to the fundamental mission of jurilinguists, which is to code/decode concepts. How can linguistics help construct a legal discourse that is accessible to litigants? How might linguistics be a tool for legal certainty? Such issues will be discussed through the lens of the different themes that will be explored during the day.

The programme can be found here. Some of the big names from the field of jurilinguistics speaking at the event are Yaell Emerich, Isabelle Pingel and Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin.

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