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Translation of legal actions, pleadings, court judgments, legal opinions by academics and top lawyers for foreign individual & corporate clients involved in litigation in Greece and Cyprus and legal firms representing them.

Contract Law

Doing business inside the European Union and in the globalised economy means that contracts between companies play a vital role.
JurTrans provides accurate, high quality contract translations to allow Greek/Cypriot and foreign companies to enter into contracts knowing precisely what they are agreeing to.

Land Law

As Greece and Cyprus remain popular tourist destinations, there are inevitably many foreigners purchasing land / homes in those countries.
JurTrans works with foreign clients, lawyers and notaries to translate all property-related documentation ensuring purchasers know what they are buying.
JurTrans is also specialised in translating leases for companies renting business premises in those jurisdictions.

Company Law

Articles of Association, amendments to Articles of Association, official certificates relating to companies, minutes of Board of Directors meetings & General Meetings

Securities Law / Public Offerings / Finance / Banking

In a globalised business environment, firms in Greece and Cyprus often need to raise funds via public offerings or will have foreign shareholders who need annual reports and financial statements translated so they can monitor their investments.
JurTrans keeps abreast of the latest developments in the financial reporting sector and can provide accurate, high quality financial translations.
On a related note, JurTrans also provides highly specialised translations relating to banking and finance.


Companies doing business in a foreign environment often need to understand what the local laws and regulations say.
JurTrans is skilled at translating Greek and Cypriot legislation into English to allow international firms to understand their obligations in those jurisdictions.

Employment Law

As more and more citizens of the European Union move to other jurisdictions to exercise their freedom of movement, and the right to live, work and provide services in other countries, the need for employment law translations has grown.
JurTrans can provide foreign workers in Greece and Cyprus with English translations so they know their rights.


Other fields in which JurTrans has considerable expertise are public procurement law (public tenders), intellectual property law, and criminal law where we translate all the documentation related to criminal cases involving tourists while on holidays in Greece or Cyprus.


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